All the latest music technology news from the world of synthesizers, software and music production. This month we have the extraordinary homage to the Synthi from Erica Synths – Befaco gets your voice into your rack and MIDI out of it – Bastl KOMPAS gives us direction rhythms – Dreadbox gets all colourful – Steinberg goes all USB-C with the URC interfaces – Qu-Bit Blooms into chaotic probabilities – I still have no idea how to get sound out of a Buchla Easel – Amperthron is a sci-fi synth that’s a little too fictional – M-Audio rustles up some AIR interfaces – Cosmotronic does complexRead More →

The latest news from the world of music technology. This month we have the entirely new and yet very familiar BASSYNTH – Hydrasynth is an 8 headed wavetable monster – I have a DinoPark DSP box to let loose – Roland release a whole wave of new stuff that might be awesome and buys Stagelight – Modal Argon8 is going to battle the Hydrasynth – Buchla make more synths for old surfer dudes – Erica Synths borrows the Buchla preset card for a mini modular system – I finally found the brush kit ive been searching for – G-Storm puts an MS-101 into Eurorack –Read More →

Here’s what’s melting on the roster this month: Behringer drowns under the weight of its own synths. Noise engineering finds some melody. Get inspired by Stochastic generation. System 80 rolls out some more Roland in Eurorack. Mystic Circuits will take you through the portal of destruction. Get a Krakli Roland SH7 for free. Black Corporation bring Deckard’s Voice and Rachael’s ring modulation to Eurorack. Joranalogue solves all your problems with the Contour 1 slew generator. Gecho loopsynth version 2 becomes the poly in your pocket. Finger some brass balls of distortion with 100 Grit. Krischer gives you three knobs for 3 voices. Infinity pulls tracksRead More →

This month Native gives us a Massive kiss, Cubase gets ARA support, we get another generation of Scarlett interfaces, Crusher X blows our minds with version 8, Doepfer releases their slimline range, UVI samples some unpopular Akai synths, Boubou is super big Eurorack drum voice, Unfiltered Audio has a frighteningly good synth, Spitfire a 30 year journey around the world, Spacecraft is the granular synth we’ve been waiting for, Sketch can make you sound as crap as you were in the 4-track days and Folktek produces the most beautiful eurorack modules you have ever seen.Read More →

My monthly round up of the best music technology news kicks off with the War Of The Worlds Immersive Experience and then we get into Phase Planting, some controllers, Behringers latest tease, two loads of bass, lots of software synths including VCV Rack 1.0 and some hardware synths too!Read More →

It’s the May edition of my music technology news round-up featuring my Top 5 Superbooth toys from Pittsburgh Modular, Soma Labs, Gamechanger Audio, Make Noise and Instruo; a handful that didn’t make the list; the latest from Behringer and the lovely Moog Matriarch.Read More →