Windows 10 has been around a while now and has found itself onto a gazillion computers. For the most part the upgrading process has been flawless, the majority of people find that everything works and they can get on with their lives – but it doesn’t work for everybody. Our advice to owners of a Molten audio PC is that you have a very stable, powerful and compatible system, if it’s working well for you then stick with what you have. If you want to upgrade in order to remain current or to feel future facing then your Molten system is well placed to have a flawlessRead More →

We’re all slightly toasted and sand blasted from our summer camping and traditionally it’s a quiet month in music technology but no, instead we get Windows 10 dropped on us, we get a brand new version of Reaper, we get some cool updates to FL Studio and Reason, we get my Sound On Sound review of Studio One 3, there’s IK Multimedia Sampletank 3 and their custom shop and Native Instruments do something with stems – what’s that about? I dunno but let’s have a look. Here’s the video version, for the text simply skip below: Windows 10 We are currently in the grip ofRead More →