It’s the start of the summer holidays and everything is starting to dry up except for the constant stream of cool music technology. We have a magical footswitch that routes CV by Sleight of Hand, Modal surprise us with a weird futurist mini-synth, Analogue Solutions sequencer gets a name, Elektron turn up the heat and Overbridge might exist after all. VCV Rack gets a VST version and Voltage Modular reappears on the scene, WTF finds a new way to morph waveforms, a new cheap Surface goes for it, Tim Exile wants to indoctrinate us into Endlesss, Hungry Robot Modular is jaming Eurorack modules into tabletopRead More →

Hooray, we’re back. It feels like a lifetime since ive been sat here. Yes, we had an early one because of superbooth last month and so it’s been more like 6 or 7 weeks – but here we are, the end of June and so much has happened. Soma is developing the coolest drum machine ever. There’s a Hard Mod spring reverb synth from Mexico, Ginko serves up a version 2 of Sampleslicer. FL Studio leaps to version 20, Studio One notches up to version 4. Native Instruments give us a good kicking and bit of crushing. Midibot brings probability to your virtual instruments. MutableRead More →

Kerpow! That was Superbooth 2018. It’s an enormous throbbing mass of electronic noise making machines stuffed into a weird FEZ building in Berlin. There were dozens and dozens of stalls and synth builders demonstrating their stuff, releasing new products, unveiling prototypes and lots of performers tweaking their knobs and banging out those beats. And all of it shared with the public for a few Euros. And more often that not you were getting a demo from the person who designed and built the thing. And everyone is having such a bloody good time. So in this months early May monthly I’m simply going to beRead More →