Whoosh – that was NAMM for another year – the music technology equivalent of a Jackson Pollack. We were splattered by gear, noise, bleeps and flashing lights. How on earth can we know what was good? Well, never fear, I’m here and I’m going to whizz you through what I thought was interesting in this year’s show. And there was so much of it – i have a massive list of stuff to mention. My overall impression was that Eurorack ruled, synthesizers came in second and computer music hardly even featured. It’s weird how that has evolved. Anyway, I will try to get through thisRead More →

Wow, so that was 2017, they seem to go faster and faster. A whole year ago I didn’t know anything about modular synthesis. I was still trying to make the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book work well for audio and I was wondering whether making videos was a good use of my time. And here we are knocking on the door of 2018 and so much has happened. So let’s have a bit of a recap and I’ll take you through my highlights of 2017. (Text continues below the video) But first December’s news: Trueno Synth Can’t make up my mind is this isRead More →

November – big month for releases – must be the threat of winter making people want to feel better by covering our tired lives in new gear. This month: Gibson pull the plug on Cakewalk – Steinberg release a stunningly full feature half point update while Ableton drip out details of a few things they think are fitting for a full version update. Annoyingly named 000 release the mixing module I’ve always wanted – MIDI Quest bring 1990’s librarian editing to the iPad – sequencers abound with the Varigate 4+, Toolbox, Hermod Brain and C Quencer DLX – cool software weirdness with MusineKit 2 andRead More →

Welcome to the October edition of Molten Music Monthly where I round up what was cool in the world on music technology, computer music and hardware synthesis and stuff. This month we’ve getting into some DIY with Monobloc and Dreadbox Hades, we have a sniff of Ableton 10, Cakewalk Momentum reckons it has a killer app, we lose another mutable module – this time it’s Clouds – this time it’s personal. We get all scaley with the awesomely illuminated if terribly named Theoryboard, Expert Sleepers put General MIDI into Eurorack, Folktek grow a garden of resonance, Apogee release some Windows drivers, Tim Exile gives usRead More →

It’s September, it’s Norfolk, and my shed transforms into this luscious cascade of red that give my shirts a run for their money. This month in the world of music technology we have a feel of Electric Sound magazine, Reason to get 2 new synths in version 10, new keyboards and a new Maschine from Native instruments, SyndtSphere pulls sound out of space, the Noodler wants to play all your gear, Intruso wants your plants to play your gear, Roland thinks we want a Boutique D-50, VCV Rack might beat Softube Modular at the virtual Eurorack game, Axon 2 sparks the apocalypse with it’s AIRead More →

This month we have: Roland Boutique us an SH-101 and TR808, Percussa create a super signal processor for eurorack, Patchrat will organise your studio for a price, Sound Forge is still alive, win a Memory Moog, get arm ache in virtual reality Ableton Live, Analogue Solutions go mad with Synthblocks, Sound Machinery morph 4 synths into each other, PolyGAS is the best free synth ever, The Gristleizer will cause your Gristle to throb, the new Surface Pro does ok and the latest update on my modular adventure. Text continues beneath the video: Roland SH-01a I shot some video of a shaky instagram video that showedRead More →

Welcome to the July edition of Molten Music Monthly. It’s slightly hardware heavy this month with notable exceptions of the extraordinary HollyHock 3, the Dope Matrix Mod Squad and ever evolving FL Studio 12.5. Otherwise we build our own controller with Tinami, Get jamming with Session Cake, play with desktops synths from Bastl and Dreadbox, over-promise with the Groove Engine, under-promise with the FM Touch synth and Mystic Circuits invent the 0HP form factor. Oh and an update on my Surface Pro 2017 performance testing. All right here. Text continues below the video: Hollyhock 3 Hollyhock is this amazing object orientated, modular, multi-touch, physics basedRead More →

Welcome to the super summer hotness of the June edition of Molten Music Monthly. This is my round-up of everything that I thought was cool this month in the world of computer music, music technology and modular synthesis. So it’s software and hardware – interfaces and synthesizers – Eurorack and virtual studios – knobs and Surfaces the whole lot, in one place. Lots to get through this month so let’s get on with it. Text continues below the video:   Surface Pro If you follow my Twitter feed you may have noticed that something had gone terribly wrong with my preorder of the new SurfaceRead More →