Molten Music Monthly – November 2018

Molten Music Monthly Podcast

Coming up this month we have the Muton is probably the most useful module I’ve come across, Tracktion build a sampled instrument of the Behringer Model D, we get lost in the never ending grey of Alpha Forever, Grid has us snapping together MIDI controllers, Joué give us a rubber grand piano, Cubase hits version 10, Stagelight hits version 4, Lancinantes drones on and on, Birdkids give us the best synth called Raven since Quasimidi, Lots of FM action with WaslioFM and Flow Motion while Dtronics adds knobs to Yamaha Reface DX, Haken Audio ContinuuMini is a MPE solo strip, we climb into a virtual bedroom to play with someone’s synth, Tunnels routes us around our rack, and VCV Rack now supports VST plugins.

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