Molten Music Monthly – October 2019

Molten Music Monthly

All the latest music technology news from the world of synthesizers, software and music production. This month we have the extraordinary homage to the Synthi from Erica Synths – Befaco gets your voice into your rack and MIDI out of it – Bastl KOMPAS gives us direction rhythms – Dreadbox gets all colourful – Steinberg goes all USB-C with the URC interfaces – Qu-Bit Blooms into chaotic probabilities – I still have no idea how to get sound out of a Buchla Easel – Amperthron is a sci-fi synth that’s a little too fictional – M-Audio rustles up some AIR interfaces – Cosmotronic does complex oscillations in new Dimensions – Fraptools dazzles with the cyclic sequencing USTA – Softube adds faders to the Console 1 – Novation has a new launchpad or two – Rare Waves upgrades the Grendal – Wavelab struggles on to version 10 – Skwitch is the worlds first squashy buttock MIDI controller – And do we really need a Superlative Space Bee posh SH-101?