Molten Music Monthly – October 2019

All the latest music technology news from the world of synthesizers, software and music production. This month we have the extraordinary homage to the Synthi from Erica Synths – Befaco gets your voice into your rack and MIDI out of it – Bastl KOMPAS gives us direction rhythms – Dreadbox gets all colourful – Steinberg goes all USB-C with the URC interfaces – Qu-Bit Blooms into chaotic probabilities – I still have no idea how to get sound out of a Buchla Easel – Amperthron is a sci-fi synth that’s a little too fictional – M-Audio rustles up some AIR interfaces – Cosmotronic does complex oscillations in new Dimensions – Fraptools dazzles with the cyclic sequencing USTA – Softube adds faders to the Console 1 – Novation has a new launchpad or two – Rare Waves upgrades the Grendal – Wavelab struggles on to version 10 – Skwitch is the worlds first squashy buttock MIDI controller – And do we really need a Superlative Space Bee posh SH-101?