Molten Music Monthly – September 2019

Molten Music Monthly
The latest news from the world of music technology. This month we have the entirely new and yet very familiar BASSYNTH – Hydrasynth is an 8 headed wavetable monster – I have a DinoPark DSP box to let loose – Roland release a whole wave of new stuff that might be awesome and buys Stagelight – Modal Argon8 is going to battle the Hydrasynth – Buchla make more synths for old surfer dudes – Erica Synths borrows the Buchla preset card for a mini modular system – I finally found the brush kit ive been searching for – G-Storm puts an MS-101 into Eurorack – Dreadbox give us Antiphon but hide the rest – Expert Sleepers have a new interface – Moog rereleases the Model 10 – Novation has the coolest minikeys around – Analogue Solutions unveils Colossus – and Argentina has a go at the polysynth with Zeus.
And there’s no Behringer this month because Uli has decided he doesnt approve of journalism.