Molten’s Huge Studio Ex-demo Sale! Bizarre range of eclectic musical bargains.


UPDATE: Edited to remove sold items. Last chance on the remaining goodies. It’s time for a clear out and the release of gear that’s in need of new home. From a RedNet interface to a Korg DW 8000, from my original Surface Pro 3 to an original Indigo iMac, you may find some interesting and rare bargains. These are all second hand, used or ex-demo items that come as they are, without warranty or refund – they are tested as working where appropriate.

All prices include UK delivery by either post or courier depending on the size of the item. Shipping to Europe, the USA and further afield is fine but I’ll have to quote you on the costs.

If you see something you like simply get in touch via the contact page or Facebook, Twitter, email etc. First person to come up with the money (it will be a invoice) gets the goods. Delivery must be to the address on the Paypal or credit card account.

Focusrite RedNet 2

An immaculate RedNet 2 network audio interface with 16 analogue in/out on DB25 connectors. It’s been in our demo rig for a few years and has only had a tiny amount of use. It’s as good as new. These retail for around £2500, so this is a genuine steal. We’re also selling a RedNet Dante card if you need one, below. More information here.

Focusrite RedNet 2 – £1450

Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 8 Download License


I have a Komplete Ultimate 8 license available that contains the whole range of Native Instruments software from a few years back. 50 plug-ins, 13,000 sounds, all accessible from the Native Access application once I’ve transferred the license to your account. Best of all you can use it to upgrade to the latest version 11 for £319 rather than the full £959. So this is a cheap way to get Komplete Ultimate 11! I’ve lost the drive it originally came on so the software is only available as a download. Here’s a helpful list of what’s in the bundle.

Komplete Ultimate 8 – £199

Arturia SparkLE

Arturia’s cool drum machine and performance controller. Very good condition and a lot of fun to play with. More info here.

SparkLE – £65

Korg DW-8000 Digital Waveform Synthesizer

This is a classic 1980’s digital polyphonic synthesizer complete with original manual and flight case. The brain and controls are in perfect working order, the keyboard, however, is not. Some keys work, some don’t and is probably an easy fix in the right hands. But via MIDI it has all those classic DWGS sounds as used by Depeche Mode (apparently). 

Korg DW-8000 with hard case – £250

Apple iMac G3 350

A veritably iconic Apple iMac in Indigo and born in the summer of 2000. It features a 350 MHz PowerPC 750 (G3) processor, 512k backside level 2 cache, 64 MB of RAM, a 7.0 GB Ultra ATA hard drive, a slot loading 24X CD-ROM drive, ATI Rage 128 Pro (AGP 2X) graphics with 8 MB of VRAM, and a Harmon-Kardon designed sound system packed into a translucent “indigo” all-in-one case design with a 15-inch CRT display. This has been under a cover on my shelf for many years and is immaculate. One careful old lady driver, I’ve never used it except to check that it works. You’ll never find such a fantastic example of classic Apple computer. Full specs here.

Apple iMac – £150

Tascam DA-38

8 channel digital recorder, the DA-38 uses Hi-8 video cassette for recording up to 48kHz – tape included! It’s hardly been used. I’ve had it as a playback system for testing 8 tracks going into an audio interface. It was immaculate when it came my way. Owners manual click here.

Tascam DA-38 – £100

Gibson Les Paul Studio

A beautiful guitar I bought back in 1997 (I think). Wine or cherry red with gold hardware. Comes in an original Gibson soft case and is in great condition considering it’s now 20 years old. 

Gibson Les Paul Studio – £600

Line 6 M5 Stompbox and Expression pedal

It’s over 100 FX in a single box. The M5 Stompbox Modeller is a versatile  guitar FX pedal with loads of stuff inside. I’m selling this with the EX-1 Expression pedal which you can map to Wah or volume or whatever. I’ve stomped on it quite a bit so it’s a little scuffed but works fine. More info here.

Line 6 M5 Stompbox and EX-1 pedal – £50

Logic Keyboard for Studio One

Aluminium keyboard covered in shortcuts for PreSonus Studio One. I use one on my desktop every day – it’s a great keyboard. This one has never been used. Has handy USB ports in the side. Usually £80.

Logic Keyboard for Studio One (PC) – £20

Carillon AC-1 computer case (1st generation)

I was part of the team that invented the Carillon AC-1 Audio Computer. This is my original case, from the first batch. It includes an original Carillon PSU and the fabulous transport controls on the front. This can fit any ATX motherboard and can be used as a case for a studio computer. It’s rugged and weighs a ton and nothing else looks quite like it. The transport controls are serial port based and I’m pretty sure won’t work with a modern board – so consider them as decoration.

Carillon AC-1 (1st Gen) – £20

Carillon AC-1 computer case (2nd generation)

This improved AC-1 case has air vents in the side and a better exhaust fan vent on the back. Otherwise it’s the same solid hardware. This one is a bit more beat up and comes with a random motherboard and DVD drive that I used for a home theatre setup at one time. Scuffed and iconic.

Carillon AC-1 (2nd Gen) – £20

Microsoft Windows 8 Pro upgrade

Windows 8 Pro upgrade for Windows 7, Vista or XP SP3. New and unopened. 

Windows 8 Pro Upgrade – £10

Iomega Zip+ Drive

There was a time when everyone had a zip drive. Good for backing up files from your PC and vital if you ran a hardware sampler. At the time 100MB was extraordinary. This is my Zip+, it can connect to a PC via a parallel port or to a sampler via SCSI. Comes with cable, power supply and half a dozen cartridges that probably have old tunes of mine on. It’s one of those things where if you need one you’ll be lucky to find one – well, you are in luck.

Iomega Zip+ SCSI/Parallel with 6 x 100MB cartridges – £30

Native Instruments Guitar Rig Kontrol

The original Native Instruments Rig Kontrol foot controller for Guitar Rig. It worked using audio signals rather than MIDI or anything like that. Very good condition and I can include an original version of Guitar Rig. More information here.

Rig Kontrol – £30

Edirol PCR-1 MIDI controller and audio interface

Slim Roland/Edirol PCR-1 MIDI controller with built in audio interface. A cool little controller with very weird shallow keys. Great condition, comes in a little soft case.

Edirol PCR-1 – £20

The offers zone!

Here are some oddities for which I’ll take the best offer. So make me a bid on something historic.

Emagic Audiowerk 8

The original multi-track PCI card. Complete with software from the now defunct Emagic. OFFERS!


Vintage dongles from another era. One for Cubase VST32, one for Nuendo (both parallel port) and one Emagic USB dongle for Logic on the PC. OFFERS!

Lucky Dip Software folders

I have two folders containing about 100 disks each covering the last 20 years of music software (probably up until 10 years ago). There’s disks for Reason 2 and 3, Kontakt 1, Samplitude, Halion library, AAS, Sonar, some East West library, Windows XP and all sorts. No guarantee that any of it will install or authorise but you are bound to come away with some classics – probably. OFFERS!

That’s the lot!

Get in touch to make an offer and claim some gear. All sold as seen, no refunds or returns. I will double check that the gear is working before sending it out assuming that’s possible. Most of this gear is owned by me personally, but some will come from Molten Music Technology. I reserve the right not to sell it to you and refund your money. I also reserve the right to sell it to the best offer, rather than the first application. But when all is equal it’s first come first served.