Tweaking Windows 10 for music production

Tweaking Windows 10 for Music Production


Here’s my official guide to tweaking and tuning Windows 10 for music and audio production. If your system suffers from glitches, from clicks and pops in the audio then this is going to help you. It will smooth out audio playback, reduce latency and give you more of the CPU to run effects, instruments and beats. For best results you should combine your computer with a decent audio interface, with ASIO drivers.

This guide was made using the Microsoft Surface Book but it applies to any laptop, tablet or desktop computer running Windows 10. Please make sure you are running the latest version of Windows. This video is condensed to show just the tweaks without any explanation. If you want more details and the reasons behind the tweaks then check out the fully expanded video I did on tweaking the Surface Book.

A written check-list will follow very soon – I just wanted to get this out there.